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Mio Satnav M610

The guys at Mio sent us a Sat Nav to review during our trip in Europe. The first test was obviously getting used to the system which is relatively simple, big menu buttons showing the main features, Maps, settings, …………………..etc

First we set up our ‘home’ address then we proceeded to connect the machine to a computer. Immediately the software started to run and on installation we were asked to install the latest maps, which we have 30 days to do this from registering the device.

Starting to set the route was interesting, not being used to this model and having newer software / icons / menus than our previous sat nav, it was a little strange at first. The shortest route means exactly that, the shortest route, including ferries, and this navigated us to Newhaven – Dieppe, however our ferry was from Dover to Calais, so a full route was difficult to plan. That said if you know several locations on your route you can add them to ‘my places’ and use them as ‘shortcuts / bookmarks’, for the next point on the journey.

Travelling to Dover was fine. Using the ‘avoid tolls function’ it again did just that, taking the slightly longer route round the M25; however halfway there around Birmingham we decided to use the tolls and the unit immediately plotted a new course which saved us about an hour and 30 mins and 100miles (although we did pay the tolls).

In France it would receive its proper test! Anyone knowing France knows that you go around or through ,or try to avoid Paris completely, IT’S A NIGHTMARE! To test the new Mio we set the route once again to avoid tolls, and the route showed a path through Paris….uh OH … previous journeys have seen me ring the office shouting street names whilst the person on the other end uses Google maps to guide me! One way streets, low tunnels and Parisian drivers don’t do well for a hi ace van with a steering wheel on the wrong side ;-)

As we entered Paris it became clear that this was a route I had never taken before, so I was totally at the mercy of the Mio. Closer to the centre we went and then disaster struck – the main route was closed! No bypass and the diversion took us of the ring road and on to a parallel road some 40m from the ring road but on a higher level. But the Sat Nav WAS NOT FASED! Redirecting onto the side road and trying to get us back onto the ring road. It was blocked for another 4 junctions yet the Mio yet again proved its worth. IT PASSED THE PARIS TEST, and I was impressed; that was the first journey in France where I haven’t had an issue with Paris!

Mio Satnav in bright sunlightThe rest of the journey was pretty straight forward although there were two roundabouts the map missed and one section of new road that has been there at least 12 months that we are aware of but again the rerouting was fine once the ‘new’ road re-joined the ‘old’ network.

Overall I would I say that this little unit is very capable, clear in bright sunlight, reasonable volume, good notification time and the lane indicator was very useful. The only thing I would add would be the ability to add multiple destinations to the route but we found a way round that as I said earlier!

Build quality ****

Ease of use ****


Features ****

Overall ****


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