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WHOA .......... WHAT A DAY 

3 injuries ...... and an airlift to hospital included made this a very eventful competition. This is the first time ExPix had attend a Gravity Sports Event and I think we will definately be going back. 

After a long drive down from Manchester to Gurston Down near Salisbury the weather just about held out.

With a little rain, hail and very cold winds the track at the Gurston Hill climb managed to dry out quick enough for the time trials to be held.

With Pete beaking the track record for stand up with virtually every run and only being less than a second of the all time hill record (by a gravity bike) the stand up specialist was having a ball. 

The previously mentioned incidents this disrupted the days running order slighty, with a broken coccyx otherwise none as the tail bone, a broken toe, and one unlucky rider breaking two vertabrae in her back (she got up walked away into a car to be driven to the hospital...... brave girl) as well as one of our featured images ( a sequence of ligament being damaged) this was an eventful day and apparently  this doesnt happen very often ..........hmmmmmmm yeah right !

Above you can see George being treated by paramedics after he went into the barriers at almost full speed and then being placed in the Air Ambulance ready for a quick trip to the hospital...... ironically George designs simulators for helicpoter pilots yet had never been in one of these.

Anyway  because of the disruption with the weather and the injuries the Gravity  Easter Egg Race was held during  slack times. Just for fun the eggs managed to roll around 30m down the same track as the boarders use .... (some with out cracking) albeit a little slower than the riders.

Overall the day although having a very small attendance was a great deal of fun (for those not injured) and I think we will definately be going back in the not so distant future. Watch this space or sign up to view more images from this crazy event!

Look out for the foot in the third frame  gurston.gif












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