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Tiree Wave Classic

The forecast was epic, the riders were there, but would the promise be fulfilled?

Tiree is an awesome spot when it works with a beach for every wind direction within 15 mins, Tiree is one of the best places to hold an event that relies on the wind and the Wave Classic is one of the longest running events in the UK having been in existance for around 20 years check out the news for our latest trip to the hebridies.

Well after trying for three days to sort out whether my van (which is self converted) was a camper or not, I had missed the boat....literally!!!

The ferry was fully booked for Friday, Sat and Sun, and the earliest i could get there was Monday. The forecast was still good for the whole week but as you can imagine I was pretty naffed off to miss the best of the competition on the Saturday with a 5m swell and wind to boot!

The reefs were working just on the outside with huge waves........so we were told.

Clamac need to sort out their policy for vehicles carrying sports equipment and self conversions, they are obviously not being used for commercial purposes and this sitution lost us some fantastic photo oportunities. However that said we made the trip on the Monday to find very little wind on the Monday. The kiters on the Island had a nice Crossapol session in the evening with a small wave and with around 10 or so kiters out on the water Tiree is defintely beginning to pick up as a good watersports spot (something that the windsurfers have know for ages)

Tuesday broguht no wind and almost all the watersports enthusiats arrived at Ballevulin for a good surf session.Suds the local surf teacher was onfire as were one or two of the windsurfers (and judges) who were enjoying the 10ft faces that pushed in with the evening tide.


Wednesday was again a slow start.With the tide dropping the event was put on hold as the wind waxed and wained and the surf flattened. Switching between Ballevulin and Ballephuile I tried to find where the best action was. The windsurfers were nt happy ith the conditions so I concentrated on the kiters and managed to score this image above with a full rainbow and kiters underneath at Ballevulin. It wasnt until later in the evening, again with the incoming tide, that the competition got back underway.

The forecast was now for the wind and surf to build throughout the week with the weekend looking absolutely mental 9m swell and up to 50 knots. But unfortunately we werent able to document the conditions as we were back off the island and on our way to the SKA event in Bude and Westward Ho.

So to check out all the images from the week register here to see the images

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