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Westward Ho & Bude played host to the Student Kitesurfing Association on the 17 -19th October 2008

WOW what an event!!!!!!!!!
Student Kitesurfing Association Aussie Kiss
A huge shout out for the team from the student Kitesurfing association (SKA) for making this happen. Also to all the presidents of the uni kitesurfing clubs for organising the trips for their students.
Following the success of their Kitesurfing event in 2007, the SKA were determined to make 2008 bigger and better. Support from event sponsors Flexifoil ensured that there was enough kit for the weekend and with Monster Energy Drinks in plentiful supply you just knew that the weekend was going to be buzzin!


Before you read the full report we have a request to make of anyone at the event party!

A camera was lost by one of the freeline guys, in the case was a camera and some money (approx £40)  The money isnt an issue but the camera contained some very important images of his son. If anyone found the camera can they please send it or the card inside to us so we can pass it back on to the person in question. If you dont want to be named just post it to the address ExPix 65 Craiglands Rochdale Lancs OL16 4RD.

The guys believe that the atmosphere at the party caused them to misplace the camera and that it wasn't stolen. If you can ask around to see if anyone found it, that would be appreciated.

Now back to the fun .......

After setting off from Tiree on the 6.00pm ferry on Thursday evening, we arrived in Oban at 10.00pm for the long drive back to headquarters. With just 3 hours kip and 7 hours in the office, we arrived in Bude at midnight on Friday night. The place was already rammed with students eagerly signing in and getting the low down on the weekend’s activities. Questionnaires were completed by all the students to enable the SKA to assess the level of tuition needed and ‘goodie bags’ were given to everyone taking part. Comment of the night has to be; “body dragging, what’s that?”

…..the bar was already in full swing!

  Saturday morning arrived far too quickly but brought with it free bacon butties for those who rose to the challenge of an early start. Then it was straight to Westward Ho with a convoy of student packed vehicles. The crew quickly set up the site and did the necessary safety briefings whilst waiting for the tide



to drop back and then it was straight into the first lessons of the day. 350 students from over 20 universities had signed up for the event. The SKA provided instructors to cater for all levels from kiting virgins to Aaron Hadlow wannabees. Pro Kitesurfer Sam Light currently in second place in the British Championships was on hand to provide expert advice so too were pro buggiers Craig Sparks and Will Mckean.


The theme for the Saturday night party was ‘War and Peace’ and the imaginations had obviously taken over. After a relatively quiet start, with most of the students partaking of ‘refreshments’ in their caravans, the peace was soon shattered when over 30 Spartans stormed the dance floor! Conscientious objectors and hippy peace lovers were harassed by sword wielding soldiers as ‘Rambos’ of all shapes and sizes tried to seize control. An army tank was attacked by a spitfire as nuns and angels prayed reverently for peace to restore! To distract the warring factions ExPix were on hand with a slide show of the day’s images including some lightning work by Ian to upload images ‘live’ from that evening. This caused confusion amongst the ranks as party goers were viewing their antics within minutes. As time was called at the bar, War & Peace waltzed off into the night ………………………..
Sunday morning saw dishevelled, students still wearing make up and costumes from the night before, many still feeling the effects of a full on party night as they listened to the briefing for the days itinerary. It must be pointed out here that ExPix took the prize for the cleanest caravan at inspection…. Now the question is…..were we being boring …..or partying else where? (clever eh!)
So with sore heads, painted faces and looking the worse for wear everyone made the drive to Westward Ho for more beach action.

More surf action was happening as students who hadn’t tried to hit the water the day before got their chance. For others a swim, skim board or just plain wrestling was the order of the day as the event built up to the final session. The end of the day brought with it the ‘competition’ for anyone who wanted to have a go.

A 30 min jam style session in light wind saw approx 10 male and 4 females hit the water as the wind died bringing a natural end to the weekend. With handle passes including slims and mobes the level was pretty high. ExPix added to the prize fund by offering an A3 print for the winners in the freestyle sections.

The weekend over it was down to packing up and we helped take the Zapcat round to the slip road.

Holy ….   sorry but thats about all I can say about that!
Those things can handle big surf as one or two of the waves out back were picking up in size. The drops (about 15’) were becoming painful and credit must go to the guys that had spent all weekend sat in the water getting pounded by the swell just to make sure the students were safe.

So with the weekend over its now time to look forward to the next SKA event and hopefully we will see you all there!

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