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ExPix have been here again in Port St Louis for the world speed championships.

With Favourites Alex Caizergues the mens world champion and the worlds fastest sailor over 500m looking to defend his title from the newly formed North American Speed project team with Rob Douglas,  as well as the old guard of Seb Catelan (first man to break 50 kn) Silvain Hocein and British Champion Dave Williams. 

Charlotte Consorti would be fighting to defend her world title against the fastest women Sjoukje Bredenkamp, French course racing expert Caroline Adrien, and  a newcomer to the scene Melissa Gil.

Would the predictions be true or would there be a few surprises along the way .... thats if the wind blew....

We arrived late Sunday night just after the official reception, where the riders were mingling and reconnecting after a winter break.Many were obviously stoked about being back on the tour but there were a few new faces and thats always good to see. 

Early Monday the riders arrived for skippers meeting at 7.30am. It was quite cold but that didnt deter the riders who found several ways of keeping warm and ready for action. The briefing went through the usual rules and regulations as the riders listened first in French then in English.  Alittle confusing for the internationals as the French competition was running alongside the World Cup.

The course was set and riders were on the water at around 9.30am, initially the wind was just about ok for a speed comp at around 18 - 20 kn but as the day drew on the wind dropped and so did the riders. Several didnt even ride in the second heat.  

The new American team were on it. Charging down the course all four riders stayed out until the end with the surprise being Melissa Gil who we thougt was a man .. but then  a rashie, a termal, a shortie, a wet suit, an impact vest and another rashie will do  wonders for anyones figure. (Sorry Melissa).

However local rider, world chapion and world record holder for speed sailing Alex Caizergues was determined not to be beaten. Alongside Sylvian and Charlotte Consorti the French met the Americans head on. As the wind died off, it would be interesting to see who was the victor.

There was very little wind the rest of the week. The only time there was enough to ride it was in the wrong direction, however several riders decided to have a play or test their equipment just incase the forecast for the last day was good!

Foil boards, speed boards, surf boards and twin tips all had an outing in the light wind. Caroline Adrien was looking good doing freestyle whilst Rob Douglas blasted up and down working out how to tune his board, and just taking time on the water.

So with the wind dying on the last day there had only been one day of competition.

Fastest speed of the tournament went to Rob Douglas (one of the biggest guys on the tour) whilst Alex Caizergues took the win with Sylvian 3rd, Damien Leroy 4th

In the womens competition the surprise came when new girl on the block Melissa Gil took the win ahead of Charlotte Consorti and Sjoukje Bredenkamp. Melissa who alledgedly ;-) has only been on a speed board seven or so times, took the event by storm with consistent runs and an overall win for the competition.

In the mens competition it was more as we expected with Mr Caizergues taking the overall win for the competition. However the fastest run went to Rob Douglas from america which was a little surprising as he is one of the biggest men on the tour and in the light windsit was expected that this would be a disadvantage. Rob however doesnt like to agree with current thinking and as such put up bigger kites and held on.

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