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We’ve all got them, those piccys that show us at our very best…….and at our worst. Those that we’re happy to share……..and those that we wish were never taken.

And ExPix is no exception…….we’ve got literally tons of them. The only difference is they’re not of us! ;-)

Over the years we’ve amassed a huge collection of images of some of the greatest characters in the extreme and action sports world.

Travelling around the UK, Europe and beyond, we’ve seen records broken, new tricks landed, world championships won, new prospects come…...and go, and some of the sickest and most extreme conditions.

And now we’re going to be sharing them with you.

Sit back, put your feet up and take a ride with us down memory lane. Or if you’re too young to remember, find out for yourself just what your idols got up too back in the day and how extreme sports have developed over the years.

Lewis crathern wakeboarding a floodLewis Crathern was at the beginning of his pro career. Having recently landed a sponsorship deal with RRD, he joined the 'lads' for a trip to Tarifa.

The weather wasn't the best and at one point there was an almighty downpour that brought down shop ceilings and flooded local roads; so the boys got creative!

Lewis has since gone on to become one of the best known and loved riders in the world, with jumping over Brighton Pier his major claim to fame.

Lewis has always been at the forefront with promoting kiteboarding and is one of kitesurfing's biggest ambassadors. He can be seen commentating at events all over the world including King of the Air.




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